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Cosmic Treasures in Human Skin

Wonderlove is...

… the dance of being a wild, vulnerable soul wrapped in human skin.

… a state of ecstatic innocence in remembrance of the whole that wants to express through each of us in a unique way.

 … a spell being cast in every moment, whether you know it or not.…

… the sacred bridge between our wayward brokenness and our cosmic inheritance. 

… our capacity for magic and shameless aliveness.

… as silent or as loud as we let it be.

… divinity revealing itself in every ordinary thing.…

It took us a long time to get to Wonderlove, but it was always there under the surface.


It’s what we’ve been all along. 

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...the fairy dust we never thought was real.

...the trees dancing in a thunderstorm.

...the unchartered territory of a broken heart.

...the delight in letting go of the person we thought we were.

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Producers, Hosts & Wonderlovers